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Atractii turistice si excursii optionale Beirut
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LEBANON, BEIRUT  Beirut City Tour 151.50 EUR  Beirut is a city with a venerable past, eminent present and bright future. With its million inhabitants, Beirut conveys a sense of life and energy that is immediately apparent. This dynamism is echoed by the Capital's geographical position: a great promontory jutting into the blue sea with dramatic mountains rising behind it. You will pass by the Cornich, have a view over the Pigeon's Grotto, visit downtown Beirut, which is full of newly found archeological sites, recently renovated typical Lebanese houses, churches and mosques from Crusader and Muslim periods. You will also visit the National Museum of Beirut which has an interesting collection of ancient pieces, covering about 60 centuries of history, and which is considered to be an important historical treasure house, illustrating Lebanon's long history.  Byblos and Nahr El Kalb Tour 174.00 EUR  On this tour you make a stop at the Dog River, where you will see commemorative inscriptions and bas relief sculptures carved into the limestone cliffs of all the conquering armies who passed there. In ancient times, the Dog River was a substantial barrier to progress up or down the coast and many of the conquerors who made it this far commemorated their achievement by carving a record of their campaign in the rocks above the river. From here you continue to Byblos, the oldest town in the world which has been continuously inhabited for the last 7,000 years. The city also has the most ancient port in the world. You will be astonished by the number of superimposed cultural layers such as Roman amphitheater, Royal Necropolis, the Crusader castle and its Church.  Half Day Shopping in Beirut 185.00 EUR  Shopping in Beirut is not limited to the Bazaars. Dotted around the city is a selection of modern shopping malls offering an assortment of shopping opportunities from modern luxury shops, iconic western high street labels to local favourites. You will be collected from your hotel and transferred to the mall of your choice. Where you will spend four enjoyable hours perusing its offerings. You will be aided by one of our trained assistants who will be more than happy to carry your bags while you shop until you drop.  Harissa and Jeita Tour 208.00 EUR  Your tour will start with a visit to the magnificent statue of the Lady of Lebanon in Harissa. A cable car trip up to the mountain will make you enjoy the unique and spectacular Jounieh's bay view. You will then continue to visit the famous Jeita Grottoes, Lebanon's natural miracle, a striking nine kilometers labyrinth of galleries on two levels. The lower river level offers a unique tour by a small boat past 'weeping willows' and gigantic stone flowers. Equally striking is the upper grotto, which you will explore on foot, where monstrous mineral animals crouch in shady corners. The colourful stalagmites and stalactites and the ethereal reflection of the rocks in the clear water of the underground basin enhance the mystical ambience of the caves.  Tyre, Sidon and Echmoun Tour 230.50 EUR  Your tour will start with a visit to Sidon, where you will have the opportunity to visit the sea castle, a fortress built by the Crusaders in the early 13th century on a small island connected to the mainland by a causeway. You will stop to see the caravanserai and the old souk. You will then continue to Tyre, the Queen of the Phoenician coast; an island city of unprecedented splendour. Tyre grew wealthy from its far-reaching colonies and industries of purple-dyed textiles, it also attracted the attention of jealous conquerors, among them the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar and Alexander the Great. Here you will visit the triumphal arch and the hippodrome in antiquity that remains almost intact today, as well as an amazing Necropolis. Next you make a short stop for lunch (lunch is under own arrangement). On the way back to Beirut, there is a visit to the Phoenician Temple of Echmoun, the God of Death and Birth.  Baalbeck, Ksara and Anjar Tour 230.50 EUR On this tour you will visit Baalbeck, the largest and most noble Roman temple ever built. It is towering high above the Bekaa plain and its monumental proportions are a sign of the power and wealth of Imperial Rome. The temple is also considered as one of Lebanon's greatest Roman treasures among the wonders of the ancient world. The Greeks identified the God of Baalbeck with the Sun God and the city is called Heliopolis or City of the Sun. The temple was never built so some huge construction from the Hellenistic project can still be seen. You will stop for lunch (lunch is under own arrangement) before continuing your tour to Ksara for some delightful tasting at its famous winery. Next you will visit Anjar, which dates back to the Umayyad-period and has been excavated only 40 years ago. Here you will be able to get a clear idea of what the town looked like when the Damascus-based Umayyad Caliphs ruled the area.  Full Day Shopping in Beirut 253.00 EUR  This tour is designed for die hard shoppers! Maybe you are into your luxury brands or you like the high street offerings. Beirut offers some of the best western style shopping malls in the Middle East. Try out the variety of retail outlets available. You will be collected from your hotel and have 8 hours to explore the shops at any of the following venues; Hamra main commercial Street, ABC Malls GS Shopping Centre, Concord Galleria Mall, Verdun 732 Commercial Center or visiting Beirut mall, Mouaawad Commercial Street and Galaxy Mall. This trip comes complete with an assistant who will be on hand during your entire outing to help with your purchases and sniff out those bargains!

Data postarii ofertei: 05 Decembrie 2017

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